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About International Organisation of Software Developers/ India's Leading Development based Student Run Organisation

IOSD-International Organisation of Software Developers is India's Leading organisation Headed by students and youth, and is rapidly expanding with student chapters in 20+ Colleges spanning across Delhi-NCR, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Gwalior, Jammu and many more. We are India's Largest Development based student organisation.

Our goal is to provide a platform for developers to come together, discuss ideas and create projects in an adjuvant environment. IOSD's founding principle was to promote technological innovation among college students. To implement this we conduct events such as mock hackathons, Webinars, discussion forums, monthly competitions, seminars and workshops all around the year to get students more in touch with the latest technological trends and to provide an industrial environment. Also, we organise training sessions in the member colleges and also fund the good startup ideas that our members come up with. IOSD provides in-house internships to students contributing well in our various projects as well as organises annual internship fair to cater needs of the members.

Witness the grandeur of IOSD at our annual flagship event, Global Innovation Festival!

About Global Innovation Festival/ Not just a Hackathon

The end of the year 2018 marks the date for Asia's prodigious techno-Cultural phenomena, Global Innovation Festival at JLN Stadium, Delhi. Housing India's first Hackathon to be held at a Stadium to be the Asia's largest hackathon in terms of Participation. Ending with the performance by India's top Standup Comedians. Also, to promote and support growing e-sports culture in Asia, we have set up Gaming Arena in Global Innovation Festival. Loads of professional gamers will come together in the gaming arena and compete together to attain the ultimate glory.
Witness the grandeur of Global Innovation Festival, it's the year for new experiences!

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Events / these would leave you rattled

Global Innovation Hackathon

The Global Innovation Hackathon will be the center of all the innovation with participants ranging from all over the 7 continents. Programmers ranging from various fields will be there to witness the revolution in Software Development and problem solving. Starting with the online phase on 1st January 2019, participants from around the globe will undergo real time challenges to get a seat at the JLN Stadium.

Gaming Arena

The rise of esports within the youth of Indian population we plan to organise India’s biggest Esports Tournaments on console as well as PC. The fight among the best will undergo within the premises with every crucial moment being live streamed for the people who were not lucky enough to witness everything in JLN Stadium. 4v4 and 2v2 is just the beginning of what's in store.

Cultural Evening

An evening in the Prestigious JLN Stadium, ending with the performance by India's top Standup Comedians and A Spectacular World renowned DJ night to mark the end of the 2-day extravaganza and to de-stress all the innovators, gamers and robotics enthusiasts..

Informal Events

Global Innovation Festival can not be all about Tournaments and competition, IOSD in association with partner organisations will organise informal events encouraging participants to not only learn but have fun with exciting prizes to be won all around.

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John Snow Labs

FAQ / Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers

It is run by International Organisation of Software Developers.

Registration for all events will open soon. After registrations open for all events, you can head on to following pages for registrations.

Registration process ends 2 weeks prior to the event. Register earlier to avoid last minute hustle. Applying earlier also means that we'll have more time to assess your application.

The maximum team size is four and lone wolves are also welcome.

FIFA Tournament is not a team event, all the matches will be in 1V1 format.

Yes, Selection will be done on the basis of the registration form submitted by the team. All girl teams would be given a preference during selecion.

You can browse to respective event's pages to find rule books. All rules pertaining to a specific event are listed in the rule book. There is no rule book for Cultural Evening.

Global Innovation Hacakthon

Gaming Arena: Pubg and FIFA Tournament

International Orgaisation of Software Developers has been organising the best out of the subcontinent for a couple of years and we can proudly say we are organisers of India's largest hackathon under our kitty for 2 years in a row. We are thrilled to invite you all in next step for us and the nation as we organise India's first Hackathon to be held at a Stadium to be the Asia's largest hackathon.

Global Innovation Festival Campus Ambassador / Do not miss out on this opportunity

Do you dare to dream? Do you dare to lead? Does your heart beat in digital?
Why not be a part of Asia's Largest techno-cultural festival where we celebrate intellect and talent?

    Perks Include:
  • Exclusive GIF Merchandise
  • Candidates will be getting Global Innovation Festival, JLN stadium CA certificate by International Organisation of Software Developers which is affiliated to India's Leading colleges like DTU, NSIT, IIIT, IGDTUW etc
  • Contacts from all over the country
  • Enhance impact of your CV
  • Top 5 interns will get backstage passes to the mega event with India's top comedians and artists event
  • Top 30 interns will be given bags, t-shirts and other goodies from our sponsors
  • Top 100 interns will be given 5 stars rated certificate their awesome performance
  • Every Campus ambassador will go through set orientation online and top performers will be given the opportunity to work offline at Asia's Largest Hackathon and get Elite certification of 7 stars and a 3-day training on organizing events and on ground operations of the event

Anyone with a strong sense of leadership and a love for technology, can apply.

Apply for GIF Campus Ambassador Program

Timeline / ...

  • GIH Phase One Starts 1 January
    First Global Innovation will be started
  • Gaming Arena Phase 1 Starts

    Feb 9
    Phase One Startes With Three Events
    PUBG Mobile
    FIFA JLN Cup
  • Timeline Will Be Updated As soon As The Prevoius Events Are Finished ...

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